Want to know the secrets to a good sales page? One that increases conversions? Today’s Online Success Minute podcast discusses 5 questions every sales page must answer if you want to land that sale. I’m Janice Gentles-Jones, your Online Success Guide. Writing great copy is one of the most important things you can do to increase sales on your website.

Even if you’re not a great copywriter, or even have great sales writing skills, you can still create a winning sales page for your website. Maria Veloso, the author of the book Web Copy That Sells, has a great formula that you can follow even if you’re not a copywriting whiz. There are five questions Maria believes every sales page should answer. And if you can answer these questions in your content, you’re well on your way to many sales.

5 Questions Every Sales Page Should Ask

Question #1: What is the problem? Write down your target audience’s problem.

Question #2: Why hasn’t the problem been solved? Write down the reasons the problem continues.

Question #3: What is possible? Here’s where you’re going to write down what’s possible if their problem was solved.

Question #4: What is different now? And here’s where you can write a few sentences about what differentiates your products and services from others.

Question #5: What should the prospect do now? And this is where you’re going to clearly state what you want the prospect to do, which in most cases we want them to buy. So there should be a clear Buy Now button or Order Now button. This is going to be your call to action.

Now, I want you to go back to your website and check your sales-related pages and see if you’ve answered those questions. If you’d like to get more in-depth om writing sales copy, definitely get the book Web Copy That Sells by Maria Veloso.

That’s it for today’s Online Success Minute. I am Janice Gentles-Jones, your Online Success Guide. If you liked this podcast, please be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or your favorite podcast player.


Web Copy That Sells by Maria Veloso