Breeze Hill Farm & Preserve

Breeze Hill Farm & Preserve came to JGJ Consulting looking for a website they could easily manage. WordPress was a good fit for them. The client wanted a website that would show the beauty of their property, which is often used as a wedding venue with its large apple orchard and beach. Their current website did not have a lot of pictures of the property nor did it have a page that spotlights their location as a wedding venue.

This client wanted lots of pictures that show off the fruits and vegetables they grow and sell. I was happy to oblige. The fruits and vegetables grown, looked so good not to mention their famous apple cider donuts! I couldn’t wait to visit them. 🙂

It was a lot of fun building this website, one of my favorites. I took what the client had in content, pictures, and goals and turned into something that truly reflects their brand.

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