Did you just have a new website built for your business?  Was your website updated recently?  That’s great news!  I’m sure you’re excited about your new, professional (hopefully) website.  Now what?

Thought you were finish with the development part, huh?  Nope, your website should be continually developing.  If your website stays static, then you’ve wasted your investment.  Don’t let the thrill of whatever drove you to update your website wear off.  It’s very common to get a new website, but not know what the next steps are to have your website become a lead-generating, profit-building machine.  Well, below are five things you can do to jumpstart the launch of your new website and make it work for your business.  P.S. – These strategies work even if your website isn’t new.

Begin your online success map strategy.

Now is the time to implement your online success map.  This is your strategy for getting visibility, building credibility and increasing profitability by converting leads into sales.  You don’t have an Online Success Map™ yet?  Say what!  If you don’t have one then create one as soon as possible!  It’s critical to your success. Your online success map should include your search engine optimization plan, content strategy, conversion strategy, social media marketing and measures of success for the next 12 months.  If you need help with developing your online success map consult a professional that can help you with this critical step.

Send out an email or card to let clients know about your new website.

Remember the old saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’.  It’s easy for clients to forget about you and your services once your work with them is complete.  If you haven’t been keeping in touch with your clients this is a great way to check in with them and let them know about your new website and what kind of information they can get from it.  It’s a great time to mention any new services that they may benefit from or even asking for a referral.  If your website is built correctly, it can make it easy for your clients to refer for prospects to you.  All they have to do is send their referral to your website and let your website start the conversion process and he.  (See why you need a strategy?)

Create a schedule for fresh, new content each month.

Search engines love new content but do you know who else does too?  Your clients and prospects.  People are always searching for information on the internet and if you business can become that trusted resource for the info your prospects are searching for, it can significantly increase your credibility, conversion rate, and referrals.  Don’t let your lack of writing skills stop you.  There are many things you can do if you’re not a great writer, including a short tip sheets, FAQs, checklists, audio recordings and videos.  A content driven website is a great to increase your credibility and build trust.

Stay in touch with your prospects and clients.

If your website does not have an e-zine or mailing list sign-up form, get one as soon as possible.  Offer an incentive to get people to sign up for your list.  One of my favorite sayings is the tagline of the department store Sym’s .  Their tag line is ‘An educated consumer is our best customer’.  You can use a newsletter or e-zine to not only keep in touch with your prospects and clients but to educate them also.  It’s an instant credibility building tool as long as you’re providing value.  It keeps you in front of your prospects and client, and it’s a great way to answer those questions that may be preventing people from moving forward with purchasing your services or product.

Review your Google Analytics reports weekly.

If you haven’t already, setup Google Analytics to deliver your reports weekly via e-mail.  Google Analytics is going to give you critical information on how your site is doing.  It can tell you how many visitors came to your site, what pages they’re looking at looking at, what keywords they used to find you, what website sent them to your site and much more.  If you don’t have Google Analytics on your site install it as soon as possible.  There are some great reports available that you can use to track and measure your website goals.  More importantly record with you can use Google Analytics to drive your online marketing.

There you have it.  You’re ready to move forward.  Following these tips will get you started on the road to online success.  Now get out there and make your website double, triple, quadruple your investment.