Frequently Asked Questions

What system do you use to build a website?

My preferred platform for building websites is WordPress.

Will you help me purchase a domain and hosting?

Absolutely! It can be very confusing choosing a registrar and hosting company. I'm happy to walk you through the steps or make the purchase for you on your behalf. Even if I help with the purchase, all accounts will be in your name so that you have complete ownership.

Can you help me with write my content?

I've partnered with a couple of excellent copywriters who can write or edit your content for you. If you need that type of service, let me know and I'll arrange it for you.

How long does a website project take?

A standard website project takes around 2-4 weeks to complete, once all the required information to get started is received. If the website project includes a customer relationship management system with data integration, then the project can take around 5 weeks or more. Once I have the exact specifications of a website project I can give a closer estimate.

What’s the price for a website?

It depends on your online goals and budget. Contact JGJ to discuss your web design project and a quote will be provided.

Do you provide hosting?

I currently do not offer hosting service, but I recommend and can set your website up on my preferred hosting provider, SiteGround. I’ll help you choose the right package, establish an account and move your website on their server. I like SiteGround because their servers are optimized for WordPress, they have a weekly malware scan service, they have a great backup and restore service, and fast, quality customer service.

Do you offer website maintenance?

Yes, I do! If you prefer not to get caught up in the technical details of your website, I provide WordPress maintenance service. I'll monitor your website and automatically update your plugins and WordPress when updates are available. I'll also keep a backup of your website and provide reports on the updates made to your website.

Ready to Discuss Your Web Project?

Choosing the right web consultant is not always easy. Let's discuss your project and see if we're a good fit. Contact me today for a no-obligation call. I'll send you my online scheduler so you can schedule a day and time for us to talk.