What is the one website-related account that is important to your online success and should be protected? Today’s Online Success Minute podcast discusses your web domain and why proper ownership is important.

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What is the one website-related account that is important to your online success? That’s the discussion of today’s Online Success Minute podcast. I am Janice Gentles-Jones your Online Success Guide. So what is this one account? It’s your web domain. That’s right. That is the one account that you should be the master of and surprisingly many business owners organizations and even churches leave this to their webmaster to guard but that’s a big mistake. You should always be in control of your domain.

Become the Master of Your Web Domain

So what do I mean by in control? I mean, you are the registered legal owner of your web domain. When you’re the legal owner all billing and related correspondences are set to an email address you control. You also should have the name of the provider that the domain was purchased from, for example, GoDaddy or Enom and most importantly you should also have the account login.

Why Should You Be Master of Your Web Domain?

You’ll need to have access to the account where the domain was purchased if you ever wanted to move your website to another hosting provider. Losing your domain name means your current web presence is gone and you have to start all over again. That means notifying all your clients or members of your new website address, updating business cards and stationery, and having to start all over again with search engine rankings and having search engines trust your website again.

So here is what I want you to do: Go to www.whois.net and type in your domain name. Look at the Registrants’ area and confirm that you are the owner. If you’re not the owner, contact the listed registrant and request that they transfer ownership to you. Do this while you’re still on good terms.

If you’re a church or a non-profit organization set the domain registrant to your organization’s name. Use a common email address that your administration’s staff has access to you such as [email protected] or [email protected]. It should be a general email address that your administration staff can access.

The email address should not be set to a specific person’s account because if that person leaves the organization on bad terms or even good terms, you may lose ownership of that domain or you may have to go through tedious steps to prove that you are the rightful owner. Taking these measures now can help protect you in the future.

That’s it for today’s Online Success Minute. I am Janice Gentles Jones Your Online Success Guide. If you like this tip please share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin and if you have any questions please leave a comment on the website.