About Janice Gentles-Jones

I am a passionate web consultant who truly enjoys helping businesses use their website to attract and engage people you’d like to work with. I do this through consulting, implementation, support, and training. As a learning enthusiast, I am always broadening my knowledge on new technology and strategies and love to share what I’ve learned with my clients. This has helped me to become a trusted and valued adviser to my clients.

I bring value as both an entrepreneur and a professional who has worked within a Fortune 500 company. My love for technology and helping people use technology started with my talent for learning most software quickly. Technical and troubleshooting skills run in my blood. My previous career as a Computer Trainer and Training and Support Center Manager helped me to see what areas people struggled with when using technology.

My love of learning and teaching led me to start my own consulting firm so that I could partner with businesses that need outside technical help with an inside touch.

I solve problems through technology, training, and trust. My areas of expertise include:

  • WordPress website design
  • CiviCRM implementation
  • WordPress and Technology Training + Consulting

I have over fifteen years of experience helping small businesses, consultants, therapists, coaches, and non-profit organizations build a strong web presence. I take the time to understand your goals and technical challenges. I then provide solutions that support your business goals and minimize your technical challenges. When you hire me, you get exactly what you want, and everything you need, beyond your expectations. Contact me and find out if I’m a good fit for your web project.

Janice Gentles-Jones

Janice Gentles-Jones
Web Designer, Website Coach

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